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In early May 2015, I received an email from Cindy Sturgill, a student attending the University of Louisville Equine Industry Program. She had been on an equine field trip the previous weekend with a graduate student of the Equine Program who had worked at Smith-Embry Insurance Associates while attending U of L. Cindy shared with me that she got into the Equine Program due to her love of horses and her desire to be involved in media in the horse industry. During our conversation we came around to talking about the Arabian Horse and I found out her father had been in the Arabian Horse business more than 35 years ago and she remembered attending many horse shows as a young girl. I told her about the upcoming Egyptian Event and gave her the dates. I invited her to join me if her schedule permitted and suggested coming on Thursday for the barn parties where she could get up close to some of the most beautiful horses in the world. I didn’t hear from Cindy until that day when she texted me that she was on her way to Lexington.

SturgilC PicI had not met Cindy in person, but when we found each other that afternoon, she was visibly shaken by the experience of seeing the beautiful Egyptian Arabians entering the ring for the class and watching them show brought tears to her eyes and many wonderful memories. During the day and the barn parties, I was able to introduce her to Anna Bishop, as well as many of my friends and clients. Cindy was able to nuzzle up to some wonderful horses and take numerous photographs.

When she got ready to leave, her only disappointment was that she already had plans for Saturday and couldn’t make it back to Lexington for the Finals. Well, she worked through those plans and came back for the Finals on Saturday evening.

Her heartfelt thank you for my impromptu invitation and her “Reflection” on the experience is being shared with you in her article which will appear in the near future in the University of Louisville newsletter “Hoofprints”. We just never know how people will enter our lives nor how sharing an experience with Egyptian Arabian Horses can make an impact or stir up a love they have never let go. I hope you enjoy her article.

Read Reflections by Cindy Sturgill

Cindy is a Junior in the Equine Industry Program at the University of Louisville. As Editor-in-Chief of their newsletter, “Hoofprints,” she is hoping to enlighten students and their readers on the beauty, majesty, and versatility of the Arabian breed, as well as many of the other breeds with which the Equine Industry is privileged to love and admire.

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