A professional Claims Adjuster is assigned to each policy issued by our Agency.
The Claims Adjusters specific contact information is included with each policy.

Be sure to keep the numbers available and provide the information to any boarding facility
or trainer whom might be entrusted with the care of your insured horse.

The following provides direct contact information to report a claim 24/7.


Lloyds of London
Policy Number beginning with E00

Independent Adjusters, Inc.
Phone: 888-523-5878
Phone: 502-839-6001
Fax: 866-839-6611

Diamond State Insurance Company
Policy Number beginning with AEM

National Equine Adjusting, Inc.
Phone: 800-783-9418
Phone: 502-875-3561
Fax: 502-875-3281

Hartford Insurance Company
Policy Number beginning with 87MFP

Phone: 800-295-1815 (between 8:00 am & 4:30 pm CST)
Phone: 800-427-4876 (after hours)


American Bankers Insurance Company
American Reliable Insurance Company
Phone: 800-245-1505
Phone: 480-483-8666
Fax: 800-224-4170

Diamond State Insurance Company
National Equine Adjusting, Inc.
Phone: 800-783-9418
Phone: 502-875-3561
Fax: 501-875-3281

Occidental Fire & Casualty Insurance Company
Phone: 630-655-2400
Fax: 630-654-4447

Travelers Insurance Company
Phone: 800-328-2189
Phone: 800-238-6225

Rain & Hail Insurance
Phone: 800-585-9624
Fax: 800-334-4009


Duties & Procedures in the event of a claim involving your insured horse.

Must be given by you, your representative, or other persons having care, custody or control
of your horse of any occurrence possibly resulting in a claim under your policy.
Report as soon as possible any medical treatment required as a result of an injury or illness.

Prior to any surgical procedure whether elective or not, including castration. Failure to notify us could jeopardize your insurance coverage.
DO – Contact your Veterinarian immediately. Contact the Claims Adjuster or Smith-Embry Insurance Associates, Inc.

Provide Insurance Policy Number if possible. (Certificate Number for Lloyds)
Provide name and phone number of attending Veterinarian.
Provide location of horse and person to contact with phone number.
Provide details of the illness or injury and treatment given by Veterinarian.
Provide name, phone number and Veterinarian of any referral hospital or clinic.



DO – Arrange for an autopsy on any deceased animal as autopsy results are a requirement of all mortality policies.

DO – Contact law enforcement in the event of theft, shooting or vehicular involvement of an insured horse.

DON’T – Have an insured animal euthanized without the consent of the insurance company claims adjuster.

DON’T – Have an insured animal removed prior to performance of an autopsy.

DON’T – Neglect to file a police report in the event of theft, shooting or vehicular involvement.


Major Medical/Surgical Claim Procedures

If your insurance policy includes major medical and/or surgical coverage, you are required to immediately report any incident to the Claims Adjuster or Smith-Embry Insurance Associates, Inc. Late reporting of any such incidents could jeopardize payment under the terms of the policy. This includes even if the medical charges do not exceed the deductible applicable to this coverage.

You will be responsible for the charges from your Veterinarian or equine clinic or hospital. The insurance company will obtain a report from the attending Veterinarian providing details of the medical treatment and diagnosis of the injury or illness.

You should submit the Veterinarian invoices for the medical treatment or surgery to the Claims Adjuster or to Smith-Embry. The insurance company will reimburse you for the covered charges in accordance with the policy conditions, less any applicable deductible. If the medical treatment is ongoing, you can submit invoices to us as you receive them and payment will be made to you as the invoices are submitted.

Emergency situations should be reported immediately.
Non-Emergencies should be reported promptly during normal working hours.