Equine Liability

Equine Liability

If you have a standard Homeowners Policy or Personal Umbrella Policy, your liability coverage may not extend to incidents involving your horse.  Most policies provide coverage for your personal liability only.  The Equine Liability Policy provides protection for bodily injury or property damage caused by your horse ownership or equine activities including boarding, breeding, training or providing riding instructions.

What Can I Do?

Obtain Equine Liability Insurance that protects you and your personal assets in the event your horse causes bodily injury or property damage to others.  Policies are designed for the Personal Horse Owner or Commercial Operation.

PERSONAL EQUINE LIABILITY – This policy provides coverage for the horse owner who is NOT involved in any other equine professional activity and does not operate their horse ownership as a business.

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COMMERCIAL EQUINE LIABILITY – This insurance provides vital coverage if you perform any commercial equine activity such as boarding, training, riding instructions, breeding or even horse sales.  The insurance covers third party liability claims resulting from bodily injury or property damage to others resulting from your horse related activities.

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We also offer a complete line of equine insurance products developed through our association with superior-rated insurance companies specializing in equine insurance products for horses, horse owners, equine businesses, and horse farms.

Are You At Risk?

  • More than likely you have protected your equine investment by obtaining mortality insurance and even other coverage such as major medical on your horses. However, are you protected if one of your horses injures someone either on your property, at a boarding facility or horse show, racetrack, or even during a trail ride?
  • In the event of an injury caused by one of your horses, legal action could be taken against you. The legal fees, court costs, and settlement or damages awarded could cost thousands of dollars if you have not insulated your liability by obtaining Equine Liability Insurance.
  • An example of your exposure: You keep your horses at a boarding facility.  You are completely detached from the day-to-day supervision of the animal and have entrusted your horse to the boarding facility or trainer.  Even though the boarding facility or trainer may have liability insurance, YOU as the horse owner, will not be exempt from exposure or liability for damage or injury caused by your horse’s bad acts.
  • If your horse maims, kills, or injures another person or causes property damage, the boarding facility or trainer’s policy will cover them, if they have such a policy, but what about you? Simply because the boarding facility or trainer has coverage DOES NOT mean that the injured party will not seek damages from you personally or even take legal action against you.

Does Other Insurance Protect Me?

  • Protection under the liability insurance obtained by the boarding facility or trainer is not guaranteed and does not prevent the injured party from seeking damages from YOU directly or pursuing legal action against YOU, which will not be covered under the boarding facility or trainer’s policy. For liability to fall solely on the boarding facility or trainer, the negligence would need to be completely theirs.  Should that prove to be the case, it would still not prevent you from being named in the lawsuit, requiring you to hire an attorney and incurring legal expenses.
  • Homeowner’s policies typically disclaim coverage if you own a horse business under the standard “commercial” or business pursuit” exclusion endorsement.
  • If horse associations provide “liability insurance” as part of their membership, the liability insurance may be excess personal. If that is the case, it likely will only provide coverage to you in excess of your personal liability insurance and coverage may be denied if your horse operation is a business.
  • State Equine Liability Immunity Laws may determine liability and reduce settlement values, but they likely do not prevent legal action against you.

An Equine Liability Policy Will:

  • Provide coverage for claims asserted against you for your horses’ acts causing bodily injury or property damage to third parties.
  • Included a Duty to Defend clause, which will cover the full cost of defending you in an action brought by the injured party, including attorney’s fees and court costs.
  • Protect you from paying thousands in legal fees and damages.